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Chicken Feeders

Give your chickens a break from their lives with the Hentastic® Chick Stick Hanging Feeder. The bright orange color will attract the chickens right up to the feeder. Your chickens will be clucking with joy. They will feel better physically and emotionally after being occupied for hours on end. This will also help the chickens to refrain from eating eggs. This dynamic duo of a system was created to alleviate boredom, stress, and the act of feather pecking on themselves or other chickens. This feeder is specifically designed to fit six Hentastic® Chick Sticks and conveniently hang within your chicken coop. Hentastic® Chick Sticks are treats that are packed full of healthy herbs and natural ingredients such as protein and calcium. They even contain omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9. Keep your chickens satisfied, happy, and healthy with these feel good treats. Shop our Hentastic® Chicken Snacks today and try one of our Hentastic® Chick Stick Hanging Feeders to keep your chickens occupied! Check back for more chicken feeder creations to entertain your chickens in the future!