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Keep your chickens happy and healthy with delicious Hentastic® treats from Chicken Snacks. Our treats are made with quality ingredients like mealworms, herbs, and seeds for truly tasty chicken treats that are full of antioxidants and high levels of protein. Most of our treats also aid in digestion and promote overall well-being for your feathered friends. These delicious farm-friendly snacks are also rich in vitamins A, B, and C to support optimal chicken health. A lot of our treats contain Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9. Keep your chickens and chicks happy, healthy, and energized with a nutrient-rich Dried Mealworm, Hentastic® Chicken Treats, Hentastic® Chick Sticks, Hentastic® Dried Mealworm and Sunflower Heart Pie. The coop will be clucking over these healthy snacks. Sprinkle dried mealworms for a quick snack or try a Hentastic® Dried Mealworm and Sunflower Heart Pie for a more entertaining treat that will keep your chickens occupied for hours. The premium ingredients will not only be a huge hit with your egg-laying friends, but also for your wallet. These nutrient-packed snacks are extremely affordable and easy to keep on hand at the farm. Simply store them in a dry and cool location as you would with any dried food product. We recommend a tupperware with a screw on lid or a sealed bin to keep your snacks fresh and free of moisture. Then just pull out what you need when it is time to feed your chickens a snack. Shop Hentastic® Chicken Snacks now!